Turn-key product development

Do you have a great idea but are lacking the resources, funding or know-how to make it happen? This is where Demeco can help you. We have the experience, capability and manufacturing network to take on and manage turn-key development projects of all scales, from initial idea to finished ready-to-sell product. Our team is also experienced in working with local venture and seed capital funds so we can give you a leg up in this area too!

Consulting services

We offer consulting services within the areas of concept development, mechanical design, construction and engineering as well as project management and outsourcing. In times of high demand or tight deadlines we can integrate our experienced staff directly into your business and provide you with on-site engineering and design services to compliment and work alongside your own team.

Mechanical design and construction

We have a systematic and innovative approach to mechanical design problems that provides you with creative and viable options to even the most unique and challenging situations. We use industry standard advanced CAD software and simulation tools to produce detailed 3D constructions and virtual prototypes of your designs. This enables us to troubleshoot and solve your engineering problems before they occur.

Industrial design and 3D modelling

Our team offers comprehensive conceptualisation, ideation and visualisation services that will not only help you to realize your ideas, but will also provide you with the confidence that your products will excel in a competitive market place. All of our design staff have additional technical training or degree qualifications in engineering to ensure that you are provided with realistic design solutions that develop your ideas to their full potential.

Electrical and hardware engineering

Through our on-site partner Skjøt Consulting, we can offer you access to first rate electrical engineering, software and hardware development under the same roof.
You can read more about Skjøt’s capabilities and services here:

Prototyping and evaluation

Prototyping is an integral part of mechanical and product design, and enables you to assess technical risks, solve product and production issues, and verify quality, before costly tooling begins. At Demeco we have a particular understanding for low volume production for pilot runs, technical evaluation, marketing verification and product samples for trade shows. Through our network of both local and international manufacturers, we can offer you a diverse range prototyping services to ensure your project is delivered efficiently, with minimum risk and at the lowest possible cost.

Technical documentation

As part of the design process, Demeco is fully capable of providing your company with all 2D and 3D technical drawings and documentation required for product manufacture, assembly and testing. In addition, we have experience in the preparation of machine directives and technical files required for CE or FDA product certification.

We understand that different customers require different levels of service and we strongly believe in tailoring our involvement to your specific needs. At the outset of all projects we sit down with you to evaluate, identify and clearly define the goals and outcomes that the work will entail.